Post-race and mid-weekend class update

19 06 2010

Hi all!

So I have not yet re-caped after my race, it has been a busy few days! The race was so great! It was the tail end of a hot and humid day that had become over-cast and drizzly but thankfully the rain held up for us! It ended up being great race weather; cool breeze, no hot sun baking us, just right for a run! I loved the energy at the starting line of the race, it felt so good to be surrounded by strong determined women of different ages, shapes, sizes, and ability. Jackie and I get excited easily so we started getting REALLY amped as the officials were giving telling us the rules (which we could not hear over all the chatty women).

The race began a few minutes after 6:30 and Jackie and I were off. We spent the first half mile passing people and trying to find our pace. I of course did what all newbie racers do and started out wayyy to fast. I think I was just so excited and wanting to stick with Jackie that I just went for it. I was also listening to the Glee Cast songs on my iPod which really got me moving 🙂

Around about mile 1 I realized that I was not going to be sticking with Jackie the entire way. She has been running about more than me and her stride is a lot longer; I knew that it wasn’t my pace and so I let her go. After that I just listening to my own body’s rhythm and kept going. It was a little tough to regain my breath and energy but I got it back. I did have a bit of a struggle right before mile 2 as we approached two big hills right in a row. I walked off a cramp for a moment and then kept on running, knowing I would NOT be walking the finish line. The rest of the race felt good; each time I tried to follow someone I remembered to keep my own pace.

As I approached the entrance to the park  that had the finish line I caught glimpse of my brother sitting on the wall waiting for me (well technically Jackie because he is her boyfriend, but like a good big bro he waited to see me and cheer me on). I called out to him and he got his iPhone out to take a picture (superstar moment)

I was trying to give him a peace sign but it may look like something else…all love there no worries 🙂

The entrance to the park is a huge hill so I tried leaning forward and letting gravity take hold. I got so amped as I approached the finish line with all the people cheering. I decided that the sprinter in me was coming out and made a 50 yard dash to the finish line. Overall my time was 30:37 with 9:52 min/miles. I was really happy with my time because I wanted to be under 10 minutes and I have not been running that pace on my daily runs at all. The biggest thing with this race was it showed me that I am not just a sprinter as I believed in my high schoool track days. I am actually starting to get the hang of this distance (be it short for now) running thing and I really am enjoying it!

I celebrated immediately post-race with a banana and water bottle. Dan was even nice enough to snap a picture of Jackie and I, the two racer’s!

So glad she signed up with me, although in the end, the race was really about me running it myself and doing my own thing 🙂

Post-race dinner was a huge salad with grilled chicken and sweet potato on the side (it was rather large and my attempt to eat only half didn’t last very long).

The two days following the race were a tired blur. I had not been getting enough sleep for the three days of work I had had in a row and my body does not do well when sleep-deprived. I hit Thursday night and was a sleepy-mess; Friday morning wasn’t much better. I am not approaching the last leg of my weekend class and am feeling it for sure. The course itself should be more interesting but the professor is a bit dry. I am bringing my laptop to class for notes/mental stimulation and basically praying for 5:30pm tomorrow to arrive.

It is definitely time for me to hit the hay. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the sunshine!! Enjoy father’s day tomorrow, too!




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