11 07 2010

Hello there!

First of all, this is my last post here…I am moving to a new blog that I think is more aptly named for this time in my life : Mindfully Emily. I will explain there why that is more of where I am at and where I want to be. But for now….

I have been a little absent lately but a great deal has been happening in my life. I’ve been taking some time to think about things and reevaluate. I also had an incredible experience with my first ever Reiki session. For any of you who have ever had an experience like this, you will know that it can be extremely moving and healing. It really spoke to me, so much more than many other healing modalities have. After all was said and done, it brought me back to why I initially started this blog: my journey.

I think for a while I have been frustrated that I am even on one: why can’t i just be there already and have it all figured out? But lately I have come to realize that the journey may just be the best part. The ups and downs, although at times extreme, are the reason for growth and development in my life. I am beginning to let go of the extreme need to know everything right now and am starting just enjoy things as they are in the here and now. A big part of my reiki experience was the realization that my mind is working so hard to know rather than listening to what my heart says. That’s where my new goal is. Listening to heart and letting my head have a break.

I am so much more excited to see where things take me and less stressed and anxious. Hopefully I will have more things to tell soon…at my new location of course: Mindfully Emily




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8 10 2010
Three Girls, One Bathroom!

You do not have to create a new blog just for the name though. You can change it on the dashboard and put all of your other blogs from the past into a different category thing.

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