View from the other side

21 06 2010

The dreaded weekend of class has ended and I am glad to have it behind me. Isn’t it funny how anticipation of something unpleasant can me so much worse than the actual event? Although I have to say, the view from Friday and Saturday morning weren’t very good either. All that being said, I was in heaven on Sunday evening at 5:30 when we were set free!

I had such a great evening to look forward to. We celebrated Father’s Day later in the day since I had class and my crazy biker father was up in Laconia, NH for BIKE WEEK 2010. I know, what a crazy dude. No but really, it’s his annual get away where he and his friends stay at their friends house/camp and pretty much have a party right near all the bike week commotion while not partaking in the craziness and other things. We all have our hobbies I suppose. So when I got home my mother and Jackie (brother Dan’s gf) were preparing a lovely salad and prepping chicken for the grill. Eric soon arrived with the some fuji apples for us to grille to go on top of the salad. If you have not tried grilling fruit, you must!!! We prefer to buy either fuji or green apples and then all you do is core/slice them and spray them with a little cooking spray. Pop them on the grille and turn them every 3 minutes or so until they have some nice grill marks and look a little bit carmelized but aren’t totally fried (12 minutes).

I made myself a red bliss potato and had my grilled apple and chicken salad with a little bit of goat cheese. The rest of the family had some corn on the cob with their chicken and salad. My mom bought my dad fresh lobster rolls from a local fish market as a special treat for him. Laughs and good food were had by all of our little family. I really love sharing days like this with my family and the people I love in my life (both Eric and Jackie).

Here’s a picture of all of us (minus Jackie) at my college graduation last year. A little obvious that I look like my Dad, huh

I’m not sure if I have posted any pictures of Eric and I yet. Here’s a better one of just the two of us

Here we were at Busch Garden’s in Tampa, in front of the Gorilla area! I think I loved that park so much because I am not a huge ride person so the fact that it had a huge zoo (the first one I’d ever been to in my life!) was so awesome!!

Speaking of Eric, this is kind of a big week for him us. Wednesday marks two years since we started dating 🙂 I can’t believe its been so long and yet it feels like I’ve known him for years and years. We are searching out a good seafood restaurant to go to to celebrate (hopefully somewhere on the northern coast of MA or in the Portsmouth, NH area). We both love seafood and I love getting to go somewhere new and explore different cities with him.

It is also a big week because it is Eric’s 24th birthday on Saturday!!! We are having a cookout for him at his house on Friday night and I can’t wait. I love hosting stuff and I plan to make it a good one. I am going to make his cake for the second year in a row and am considering this vegan chocolate avocado cake by Ashley . It looks absolutely fabulous and I think I may be able to pass it off as a regular cake for Eric and his friends and finally get to have my cake and eat it too 🙂 ! I am also going to make my mango salsa and maybe another side dish…probably putting a lot on my plate here but I can make it. Needless to say, this is a muchhh better week to look forward to than the last.

I had to pick up a couple extra shifts this week at work to get time off on Saturday for Eric’s actual birthday and the hours are wonderful, 10a-2p. This is my ideal schedule, wake up around 7ish and make my way out for a run. Come home to some pre-made vegan overnight oats c/o Angela’s recipe which will hopefully come out as wonderful as those. Get ready and be to work at a respectable 10 am and be out by 2pm to the enjoy the afternoon and sunshine. Tomorrow is another birthday, one of my best friend’s Linsey will be turning 23! This photo was taken at her 22nd birthday last year, she’s in front on the right in the black dress with blue ribbon. The five girls in the middle of the top row are myself and four of my best friends.

Phew! This week sounds crazy now that I’ve laid it all out here. I think I have more than reached my time for sleep. Did I mention my mom and I got spontaneous pedicures today? What a wonderful thing 🙂

Have a good night everyone and enjoy your week!!