Control and recovering from type-A personality

27 05 2010

My inspiration for this post came today during my yoga class. We were in the middle of some more intense movement poses and my instructor kept using the the word “control” in reference to our ability to maintain difficult poses. I found myself getting SO stuck on that word…what place did control have in my yoga practice!? Shouldn’t I be more relaxed and zen!?!

Wow, Em, take a step back and relax. As I’ve been on my road of recovery from living as a type-A person, I have gathered a list of taboos. The world control is probably the top of that list! It just reminds me of the neurotic (yes, psych term) need to have your hand on over little detail, nothing spared! Its how I felt about my eating and exercise last year, it’s how I used to feel about making plans with friends, it’s most certainly how I believed I would maintain the insanely fast-paced life style that I lived in my last two college years. Funny how one little word can bring up so much emotion and energy.

Thankfully I also came to a new understanding of the word during the class. I began to realize that my instructor was not talking about some neurotic need to control, but rather a discipline to hold on and persevere despite the discomfort of the movements. It is about being able to remain focused on the moment and the position while hundreds of muscles, big and small, are screaming “enough”! Suddenly control was not such a bad thing after all.

I knew that going to this yoga class today was a must; I am leaving for my trip on Saturday and this was my last for sure time to get in a yoga class before leaving. The class was my chance at carving out some time and space in a busy, scheduled day to connect my mind and body and honor the present moment. The class fulfilled that expectation and much more.

I feel that I am in such a better place than I was a few days ago regarding this trip. The bundle of nerves that I was on Tuesday was in no way helpful or positive. I am letting go and practicing my non-type-A lifestyle 🙂

I hope to post again tomorrow and maybe even get a post or two in from my trip. I am extremely excited because I recently purchased a new Panasonic Lumix point and shoot digital camera and am also taking along Eric’s Nikon D60 for some days when I am feeling a bit more creative and also to get some delicious shots of the food we will be making! I have really wanted this blog to include pictures but I have not had a good camera accessible lately. That will be changing soon and I am planning to make this blog a lot more visually interesting and personalized.

That is all for now, hope everyone has a good night!


Listening to my body and eating well

18 04 2010

So my update is that I decided to put the apartment hunt on hold. There were a lot of factors that went into the decision but ultimately I went with my gut (literally). As I said before, my stomach takes on my stress, and ohhh did it tell me loud and clear that I was stressed. As much I as want/need/love the idea of getting my own place and moving forward with my independence, I can accept that, rationally, now is not the time. Although I work full time, I also am a full time grad student and I often find myself anywhere but home. When I do get home at the end of a work day, between commutes, or after an evening crash, I could not imagine having to worry about the bills and responsibilities that come with managing my own home. I also realized that my gut was telling me to take it a little slow with moving in with Eric. We love eachother so much and are very happy, what’s the rush or need to add the weight of stress to our relationship? We can both manage another year or so living at home until we save up and sort our finances out so we make the best decision and find the best space for us in the lovely time that is our early twenties.

Another thing all of this brought about was eating well when under stress. It is SO easy for me to cater to my emotions and my tummy when I get this stress, meaning carbs on top of carbs. I’m not the comfort food type, my lactose intolerance wouldn’t allow it, but  I am a notorious cracker/cereal/carb muncher! I totally go for these when I am stressed to calm my stomach when, in reality, no food is really going to settle it. What would settle it would be some mediation, yoga, and mindfulness (especially when eating). And although I believe that I can treat my stomach’s rumbling with food, I also know that certain foods with cause backlash. During these times I try to stick to simple, fresh, and healthy foods. I limit my fats and oil (even though I am obsessed with my almond butter lately!), skip out on acidic stuff, and go for healthy natural food. I find that this, not mindlessly munching on crackers, is what really soothes me. I am also a huge proponent if mint teas. I recently discovered Celestial Seasoning’s Tummy Mint Tea, so awesome! It has peppermint, fennel, and chamomile…the best combo to calm and unruly tummy! Tonight was a night where I got home from work and knew that my body needed some R&R and a good meal. I roasted a couple chicken tenders in the oven, cooked a sweet potato, and steamed some turnips, mushrooms, and red peppers, all over a bed of baby spinach, YUM!  Although it may sound a little odd or simple to some, knowing that I am giving my body a good meal that doesn’t have processed or mystery ingredients makes me feel good 🙂

So for now I will be de-stressing and treating my mind and body right. That means heading to bed now so I can get the sleep I need to feel good tomorrow!