11 07 2010

Hello there!

First of all, this is my last post here…I am moving to a new blog that I think is more aptly named for this time in my life : Mindfully Emily. I will explain there why that is more of where I am at and where I want to be. But for now….

I have been a little absent lately but a great deal has been happening in my life. I’ve been taking some time to think about things and reevaluate. I also had an incredible experience with my first ever Reiki session. For any of you who have ever had an experience like this, you will know that it can be extremely moving and healing. It really spoke to me, so much more than many other healing modalities have. After all was said and done, it brought me back to why I initially started this blog: my journey.

I think for a while I have been frustrated that I am even on one: why can’t i just be there already and have it all figured out? But lately I have come to realize that the journey may just be the best part. The ups and downs, although at times extreme, are the reason for growth and development in my life. I am beginning to let go of the extreme need to know everything right now and am starting just enjoy things as they are in the here and now. A big part of my reiki experience was the realization that my mind is working so hard to know rather than listening to what my heart says. That’s where my new goal is. Listening to heart and letting my head have a break.

I am so much more excited to see where things take me and less stressed and anxious. Hopefully I will have more things to tell soon…at my new location of course: Mindfully Emily


A week of Endurance

15 06 2010

Isn’t it funny the more intense/busy/crazy weeks can seem to drag? It’s only Tuesday and I feel like it should be Friday. Maybe its just me..

Anyway this is a crazy week for a few reasons. I am coming off of a busy weekend where I worked Fri-Sun and in the midst of that got dinner with two of my best friends from college on Friday, drove up to Maine on Saturday evening for my goddaughters 5th birthday and my grandmother’s 92nd (Luau themed, no less!), and concluded it all on Sunday by hitting the gym apres-work before crashing at Erics for Chinese food and the Celtics. Phew!

I had Monday off for some necessary R&R. My body never fails to let me know when I need a day to relax and ease into my day. I started my morning off with some Vegan Overnight Oats (a variation of Angela’s recipe), followed by some lounging and reading (a little Breaking Dawn), and a mid-afternoon run to get ready for tomorrow’s 5k!

Yup, I got the race bug going and was in need of finding a race and fast! I started looking less than two weeks ago and found this one and said, “why the heck not!” It’s perfect because it’s an evening race (I work until 3:30 most days) and it’s in my city so no need to travel very far. I texted my friend/brother’s girlfriend, Jackie, and she was totally in! I love that about her, she’s always up for almost anything, I want her spontaneity!

Back to the race, so it’s tomorrow evening at 6:30 and it’s a women’s only 5k. Its a memorial run for a woman who died far too young and it was started by her mother who used running to cope with the loss of her daughter. Such an inspiring reason to run!

I had begun running outside early this spring; we were blessed with such a wonderful spring this year after a long NE winter. I was ready to get out of the gym and enjoy the open air. I missed the conditioning and toning I got from running but was weary of restarting my old workout of daily sprinting high intensity interval training (HIIT) on the treadmill. Outdoor running has been much more kind to my mind and body. I find it much more challenging because I have never thought of myself as a distance runner. I sprinted for track in high school and always dreaded the days when my coach would tell us we were hitting the pavement for outdoor runs. I’ve definitely come a long way from those days and am at a really happy place with my outlook on running.

Back to tomorrow: so I have to work before the race 7-3:30. Since its a short race I’m not too worried about this; I have a few hours after work to unwind and get pumped up 🙂 I have begun to got myself ready so I don’t have to worry too much tomorrow. That began with a good dinner for fuel: brown rice with steamed mushrooms, turnips, and red peppers topped with an avocado = yum! I go pretty bland when I am prepping for something like this so this was the perfect meal for what I need. I then went to lay out my clothes for the race

I probably won’t wear the t-shirt to the race, but it was too cute not to include in the picture. The forecast says there will be some showers tomorrow evening and in the mid-sixties so I will probably need a hoodie or t-shirt to go over the tank. Rain or shine I am still pumped.

I am also trying to figure out what to eat during the day tomorrow. My biggest things are avoiding insoluble fiber and acidic foods. That being said, I have my breakfast game plan down

Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, stevia, and topped with some Almond Butter. Perfect way to fuel up without feel the bulk of the fiber I have issues with. I will pack some snacks and a light lunch for work. Most excited about my snack that came in the mail today:

One of Angela’s Endure Glo Bars! I placed the order last week and have been dying to to try one ever since. What a perfect way to fuel up for a run! I think lunch will be a small turkey sandwich with some natural applesauce for a snack. Focusing on mostly small meals tomorrow. Haven’t figured out what my pre-race fuel will be, maybe another banana or some dry cereal. I am still trying to find the best way to fuel my body and navigate my dietary needs in terms of fitness and training. I’m great at the post-workout meal but not so good at the pre-workout stuff. I usually try to run/workout in the morning on a mostly empty stomach. It works best for me although not everyone would recommend that. I am also going to have to strike a good balance post-race for a meal: refuel without being too full. I have to get to bed early so because my workday on Thursday starts at 6:30, yikes!

Friday morning/day will be my rest time this week. I am actually going to be having my first Reiki session that morning! My friend Jason just became certified and is offering me a session to try it out/allow him to practice. I am really pumped; it’s something I’ve been interested in am learning more about in my grad program. I love the way holistic and eastern methods are becoming more main stream in the in the U.S.

I hope to get in a run during the day and relax a bit in prep for my weekend format class beginning at 5 that night. Yes, this is my favorite part of grad school: intesive weekend classes!

The course is Vocational and Career Development, a pre req but definitely not a the worst I could take. Its a pretty light topic compared to the others I’ve taken/will have to take as a counseling major.

Well its getting a little later on and I want to get my lunch ready for tomorrow and get myself into sleep mode early. I would love and appreciate any comments on meal planning or racing!! Have a good night everyone 🙂